Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will debris build up on top of UltraKlean causing overflow?

UltraKlean has maximum shedding ability due to our patented technology. There may be instances where some minor brushing may be needed (which can easily be done with our broom kit from the ground, generally in roof valley areas only).

Are they visible?

Under normal circumstances UltraKlean has low visibility.

Will they handle snow and ice?

UltraKlean was designed and has been field tested in northern Indiana where heavy snow and ice is common.


Will water pass through the micro-mesh screen?

Water passes through the screen as if there was nothing there at all.

How do I find a UltraKlean dealer?

Call (219) 507-0051 or email us at

Is the warranty transferable if I sell my house?

Yes, the UltraKlean warranty is 100% transferable to new home owner.