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Developing a Maximum Performing Gutter Guard.

Phil Feldhaus, inventor and president of UltraKlean Gutter Guard, has been in the gutter guard and seamless gutter industry for 32 years. 

He installed the first micro-mesh gutter guard to come out on the market back in 2001. This gutter guard was made of nylon micro-mesh that was able to filter out debris that other gutter guards could not. The downfall of this gutter guard was that the filter had a life expectancy of only a few years. Phil contacted the manufacturer and asked them why they weren't using metal in place of nylon to make for a more durable micro-mesh. The company told him that metal micro-mesh would not work for gutter guards. Phil immediately started working to develop the first metal micro-mesh gutter guard on the market.

Over the next 9 years he had designed and field tested over 20 different types of metal micro-mesh gutter guard designs and numerous metal micro-mesh roof valley gutter guard designs. In 2010, he invented the first "debris shedding" metal micro-mesh gutter guard design on the market which has no elements to snag debris, AND the first "debris shedding" metal micro-mesh roof valley gutter guard on the market that needs no diverter or roof valley shield/splash guard, both of which he patented. The micro-mesh gutter guard design has NEVER allowed debris to mat over, whereby preventing roof water from entering the gutter and overflowing onto the ground below, nor has it EVER allowed a downspout to clog! Also, the roof valley gutter guard design has nothing that would snag debris to cause build up, allowing for roof valley water to overflow. The final product; The top performing gutter guard on the market today! FINALLY! A GUTTER GUARD THAT DOES IT ALL!!!

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